About the author

Kia ora, greetings from New Zealand. I live in the lovely northern coastal town of Mangawhai. It has a wonderful creative and community spirit,  generally quiet and peaceful during winter and busy during the summer months.

Mangawhai is at the other end of the country from my beloved home-town, Dunedin, where the 'Gold Series' is set. This southern city was originally colonised by Scottish Presbyterians seeking a 'new utopia'.  It seemed an ideal start: spartan, clean and godly. Until what they termed 'the new iniquity' started to arrive: Jews, Irish, Chinese, Italians and, in 1890, Lebanese.  What a great canvas for story telling!

As well as historical fiction, my published short stories are mostly about people and the unexpected events that shape their lives.

Jude Thomas is my pen name, and I'm also known as Judy Tindill. When I'm not writing, I enjoy time with my three adult children, grand-daughter and friends, especially if we can share good coffee, food & wine, plus film and most creative arts.  I also love animals and nature, especially our New Zealand wildlife.

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